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Thursday, July 1, 2010

6th wedding anniversary!

Jason and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this past weekend! When we were out to dinner MOnday night to celebrate, Jason said, "The years before kids feels like a year each time, but since having kids, it feels like it's only been one year..."

Funny story: the anniversary presents...

Jason likes to give gifts in the theme of the "year's traditional gift." For 6 years, I was told it's "iron" or "candy"

I got a new ironing board...

I gave him a stainless steel wallet...

Who got the cooler gift? I think it's quite obvious. But, no seriously, I've been HATING my ironing board lately, and Jason got me a really cool ironing board "station" with a sturdy, large board, a storage place for the iron off to the end of the board, and even a neat little shelf underneath to put clothes. It's not just an average ironing board ;-)

But still... ;-)

Let's have some fun, and look at some pictures - one from each year - of our life together!

Our Wedding Day: June 26, 2004

Christmas, 2004

In the Fall of 2005, we took a weekend trip to a wonderful B&B in Chattanooga:


Fall of 2007, at Jason's cousin, Lisa's wedding: our wonderful new addition, Lucy

Daytona Beach 2008

Cape San Blas, Summer 2009
another addition: little Jack

Easter 2010

Who knows what kind of addition we'll have next year when we celebrate 7 years!


  1. You two sure do age well! You both look great (and you oh so skinny!):) Hope you are enjoying your new ironing station!

  2. Cool gifts! I love it! Also, your hair was amazing at your wedding! I want it!!!!!

  3. I have been meaning to post a comment to congratulate you on your pregnancy!! I keep up with your blog, and love reading and seeing pictures of your sweet family! You are such a good wife and mom, Kelly. I'm so excited to see how God has blessed your marriage and family!