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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dress up!

Jason was out of town this whole week (so glad he's back - yea!), and the kids decided while he was gone to play "mommy" and "daddy."  So, they chose outfits accordingly.  :)

Stretch that t-shirt out... :)

Okay...now, note the floor (and the high heels - yes, they're covered in sequins - I love these shoes :)...

Now, look at this one.  See what I did?  When I caught Lucy being particularly cute, I ran to grab the camera and started snapping photos.  Then, I noticed the laundry baskets on the floor, and Lucy's "New Baby" stats sign (random, I know.  The kids like to look through their old things in the cedar chest at the foot of our bed.  :) 
So, of course, instinctively - just like a woman - I scooted the superfluous items aside.  But you know what, I actually prefer the shots with the items IN the picture.  And here's why:  1) it's just more authentic, it's just how our house looks with small kids, and I'm okay with that.  2)  Those empty laundry baskets...I love them because they're EMPTY.  Usually, they are both filled with folded clothes waiting to be put away.  So, yes, I like those empty, stacked baskets very much.  and 3)  Lucy's "New Baby" sign in on the floor.  I mean, what a wonderful reminder and fun time to think about. And finally, 4)  Lucy's white fur slippers; classic Lucy.  I never want to forget about her personality and fun fashion sense.  If I scrapbooked only with the "pretty" pictures with the uncluttered floor, I might forget about that stuff...

Back to Lucy...

Now, today was Character Day at school; the kids dressed up as a favorite book character.  Lucy, not surprisingly, chose to be Fancy Nancy.  In an attempt to create Nancy's corkscrew curls, I rolled Lucy's hair with small curlers.  With Lucy's ultra fine hair, I'm sure it lasted a whole five minutes into the school day.  (Oh yeah, and see those beautiful flowers in the background?  Lovely surprise from Jason while he was out of town this week.  Such a great guy; how'd I get so lucky?!?  :)

Now, that's one fancy girl :)

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