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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun with popsicles!

Just a regular afternoon...add some popsicles, and it's immediately special!  :)

ooh, the intensity...popsicle eating is no joke!  :)  takes concentration :)

now onto play...this girl ADORES her little brother!

Lucy's current favorite hairstyle...she asks for me to put one side up and one side braided.  I have absolutely no idea where she got the idea, but it's classic Lucy!  I love it!

Doesn't everything just look so timeless in black and white!?!

"Mommy, can I climb up to the top and you take my picture?!?"

Notice the festive attire!  I pulled out all of Lucy's fall clothes for this season, and since last week she has worn nothing other than her velvet Christmas dresses.  So, I stand corrected, Barbara...  Apparently a girl does need many formal Christmas dresses :) 

And another new thing...Lucy has learned to tie her shoes - thanks completely to the wonderful caretaker at SportsMed, Amanda.  One night, I dropped Lucy off to go to zumba, and when I picked her up, she had learned how.  Lucy insists on tying her own shoes, but often, she tromps around on the loose laces  :) 

It's wonderful to experience the positive side effects of her own blossoming independence.  She dresses herself (clearly :) every morning before she comes downstairs, and my favorite thing she does on her own now is taking her own showers.  It's a very close second to how awesome it was when she started going to the bathroom on her own!  :)

My parents like to poke fun at me for being such a follower of John Rosemond's theories on child-rearing, but like he says - and I firmly believe, too - parenting - the hard, demanding components - is all about "working yourself out of a job."  I LOVE that Lucy is doing such a great job at taking some of the things off my job description and adding them to her own list.  Way to go, Lucy!  Mommy really appreciates the breathing room :)

Just a few more of cutie Connor!

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