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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sibling Class

On Monday night, we went to the Sibling Class offered through Crestwood (where we delivered Jack and will have this one too). It was a cute, little one-hour course which taught the siblings what to expect with the new baby.

Lucy was all about it, focusing hard and paying close attention. Jack...well, he sort of listened, got up and moved around, made a few friends among the adults, etc. ;-)

Here are some pics:

Lucy and Jack were by far the youngest of the kids...

This is how we hold a baby...not too bad, jack ;-)

followed by sitting on the baby...hummm...not so good ;-)

feeding the baby with a bottle...with jack it was more like spearing the doll's face ;-)

how to put on a diaper. what's cute about this picture is that lucy's doll is wearing the exact onesie lucy wore when she was a new baby...SO TINY!!!

undressing baby...

next, it was on to the maternity section to see a real baby in the nursery...

they gave the kids dr's hats and masks if they wanted to wear them ;-)

I've made my list of things to pack...we're within four weeks of due date! (2/22) Next OB checkup is next Wed - a week from today. We'll see what we find out!

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