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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Freestylin' at Dance Class!

Lucy is really enjoying her Dance Classes Papa and Lady gave her for Christmas. This last weekend Baba 'n Grandpa got to see her in action. No doubt when Papa and Lady get to see this in person, they'll be reminded of their own "less-than-graceful-ballerina" (me ;-) whose "leaps in the air" lacked a certain quality ;-)

Couldn't get YouTube's code to embed properly on this blog, but just click the link below and it will take you to the video.

Before you watch...Jason's filming from outside the viewing window, so you can't hear the audio inside the dance studio, but you can hear giggles and chatting from family watching.

Also, to help you know what's going on as you watch...

*the first 45 seconds the instructor was leading the girls with something, and Lucy just kind of breaks into her own "wiggle dance"

*at one minute in, the girls are instructed to do some "leaps" across the floor. (Lucy may have cleared two cemtimeters LOL!)

*and my favorite part, from 1:30 min - 1:50 min, the girls were told to do their own "freestyle" in front of the mirrors. Lucy goes first, and it's just adorable...and funny when she looses her balance. At the end you can see a more stable Audrey begin her freestyle ;-)




  1. Love it - watch out the Nutcracker Ballet in 15 years - hear comes Lucy!

  2. Ooopps - Here comes Lucy - typo :)

  3. That is hilarious! I can't believe I was there and missed it! Must take more videos. And I'm not sure Audrey was any more stable!