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Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow!

While Daddy is out in Glendale, enjoying the sun and festivities, we're here enjoying the snow and lazy days!

We woke up to 7 inches (thanks Tiffany ;-) of snow, and it only took us until 10 am to get all geared up to go play outside.

Lucy had little trouble with the terrain, but poor Jack just kept falling...

Lucy was so sweet to try to help him, but he'd rather just sit and pout. Lucy finally said, "Jack, can you just get up?" ;-)

We saw the Lamy's out and made the trek down Jacks Creek to say hello. The girls ate lots of snow, Toby played with Nash, and Dave threw snowballs with the kids! ;-)

After that, we headed over to the Becker's, but Jack was distracted by a neighbor driving a remote-controlled car around. So, we had to stand there and watch for about 10 minutes before moving on. Finally arriving at Tiffany's, the kids were in tears and crying about their cold feet. And Jack had managed to have a blow out that went through this TWO pair of pants. Of course... ;-) But, lovely friends that they are, they took us in and even had us stay for lunch.

Heading back home for naps about 1:00, Jack learned what "tire tracks" are and how to walk in them to avoid the deep snow. The kids ate some more snow from a neighbor's snowman, and were stripped down in the laundry room. Phew! It was actually a really sweet time together, just the kids and I. When you're forced to slow down and stuck at home, it can lead to some really precious times. Their pink little cheeks are so kissable, and watching them marvel at things like snow (and the atv's racing down the street ;-), and making an adventure out of a snow day with Toby leading the way, well those are some pretty great memories to have!

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