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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Which baby bedding?????

The baby's room is coming together - or really I should say Baby's Room/ Guest room...

We're not setting up a "themed nursery" complete with painting the walls, coordinating everything for this baby, and so I had been on a major hunt for a while for a neutral bedding, ideally something white with red accents.

Well, after searching forever and finding nothing, I found a set at Play It Again last week that would work. I didn't exactly LOVE it, but it coordinated all the colors in the existing room, and the price was right - $36. So, I bought it.

Only to get home and that very night find out that my friend Jeri had a baby bedding set that was white with red accents. Of course...

So, here are some photos of the two sets: which do you like better?

Here's the room so you can see what I'm working with...

Set I bought:

Jeri's crib bedding set up (sorry, it posted twice and won't let me delete... ;-( I really hate computers!):

cute little farmyard theme...

So, weigh in - whatdya' think? Thanks!


  1. I seriously cannot decide. They are both so cute! I feel like the checked one might be a little more gender neutral. Both are adorable!

  2. I agree with Tiffany that both are super cute, but I do love the farm animals just a teeny tiny bit more :)

  3. I may be (completely) biased, but I always loved that farm bedding. :) I actually bought it before I was even pregnant with my Jack...Charlie's bedding was gender neutral but I didn't really like it much and the bumper was falling apart, so I knew I needed something else for a second baby.

    I think they're both really neutral.