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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun(ny) pictures!

Not long ago, I had fun taking pictures of Lucy dressing herself, enjoying the funny things she insisted on wearing together. She'd put together some crazy ensembles!

Well, now Jack seems to be doing that in his own fashion. For whatever reason, he absolutely LOVES wearing his helmet ("elmet") - all the time! And he calls the buckle a "seatbelt."

I was telling Jack to smile, and these are the faces he made - LOL!

It was gameday morning, so Jack was already dressed in his jersey. Jason put the AU song they play at the beginning of each game, "all we do is win!" blasting over the speakers. And what ensued was a crazy form of dancing and playing. Jason was bouncing the kids to the beat (and I imagine getting an amazing ab workout at the same time ;-)

Jack is holding his quilt in one hand, and a decorative pine cone in the other. And of course, still wearing the helmet!

As accident prone as Jack is, it's actually a good thing he insists on wearing his helmet so often! ;-)

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  1. Fun pics! Jack looks SO much like Lucy in those first two pictures!!!