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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jack's first sentence

Jack has been blooming in the last few months with his vocabulary. A few months ago, he was repeating just about whatever word we said, then he moved on to making lots of two-word phrases. Some of his most common phrases were: "hey dog," "more please," "what's that?" and of course, "No, No!"

But yesterday morning he uttered his first true sentence - fun milestone!

He had found a blue M & M in the crevice of his carseat, held it up to me and asked, "What's this?" (like he didn't know??? seriously...I know he knew ;-). I told him what it was and that he could eat it (Dad, I'm sure you're gasping at my allowing him to eat a "carseat M&M," but don't worry...no sign of disease has appeared -and I totally brushed it off before I gave it back to him - :-)

So he licked it (like he does with most of his food before he actually eats it,) achieved a good amount of blue smear around his mouth (we're on our way to school, greaaaat), and then promptly announced, with quite a bit of cheer I should add, "I ate it!"

So that was it, his first sentence, "I ate it!"

How fitting?!? I love it! Looking forward to what may pop out next!

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  1. Sounds just like Jack! :) Love the new pic and background!