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Monday, November 8, 2010

goodbye to halloween

lucy drew the face on her pumpkin (on her right) and daddy carved it out. Jason made the other one ;-

I was organizing some photos this weekend, and I came across a few more I hadn't posted. These are from carving our pumpkin, though I should say "dremmeling our pumpkins," as Jason decided his dremmel tool would be awesome to use ;-)

Such an engineer...

Lucy checking out the tool!

And later that night we went to the Jim and Jamie Moore's for their annual Halloween Costume party. Here was our family all dressed up. Lucy was a ballerina, Jack a puppy dog, Jason a character from The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I was a baby factory. Jason did a GREAT job making my "factory"!

I love the baby on the conveyor belt - great idea, JAson!

And finally, here are some of Lucy enjoying carrying around her school pumpkin full of treats:

Lucy's favorite thing to do is go check the mail, everyday! She LOVES it! ;-)

My puppy dog loving on our puppy dog, toby...

Hope you had a great Halloween. Lucy has already announced she wants to be a fairy next year. We shall see... ;-)

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