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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, we're back, and as nice as it is to be home, we were sad to leave behind what was a WONDERFUL family trip! While we were eating dinner the night before we left Huntsville to fly up to Albany, NY, Jason mentioned that his goal for the trip was "to delight in my family." Yes, he was going to be best man and there would be some time away required for that, but he said he was so looking forward to just spending time with me, Jack, and Lucy, away from it all. (About a month prior to the trip, I was anxious about all the things that take place in merely getting a family of four - including a 2-year old and 10 month old-to such a far away destination and the logistics of it all, but I shook off those feelings of worry pretty quickly. But, to then hear Jason say that just make me let go of any little trace of worry that was still lingering.)

And it WAS delightful! Chris and Jess are great people, and all of their friends and family were lots of fun to be around . Jason calls Chris's parents his "second parents" and we both enjoyed lots of time visiting with them at their peaceful lake house on Lake George (with the most amazing view that we got to enjoy every day! You can't really tell from the picture because it was so overcast, but the leaves were changing and there were endless ridges to view - just spectacular!)

Lucy and Jack were excellent on the plane rides. Lucy was excited to be flying on a plane like the Super Readers do, and Jack was flirty with the flight attendants and really anyone who gave him attention. The only hassle that revolved around flying was caused by the Atlanta Airport (which is too busy for its own good). Our flight path was from Huntsville to Atlanta, and from there to Albany, NY. On BOTH the trip there and back, Atlanta put our departing plane on hold, causing us to have less than 20 minutes to get our gate-checked luggage, and RUN to the next concourse (which you have to take a train to get to of course) and board the next plane. But, we made it, both times.

Sidenote here: Jason and I discovered something that is different than the way air travel used to be...anyone know why this is: airlines no longer publish if a departure is delayed. You know how airlines used to post "delayed" if a plane was set to take off even mere minutes after scheduled departure time? Well, as we were running off one plane and reading the tv screens to find what gate to run to next, they never posted our next flight as delayed --and because it was showing "on time" we hauled ass with Jack on Jason's back in the backpack and Lucy in the rickety umbrella stroller, all the while rolling two rolling suitcases, a diaper bag, and large backpack through the crowded Atlanta airport. But it WAS delayed, and quite delayed at that because that's the only way we made the next flight. I'm thinking this is because airline companies are more interested in getting good reviews and "on time" departures now??? Not sure...

Anyways, Chris and Jess had a beautiful wedding, and they were most successful in pulling off a welcoming environment, laid-back atmosphere, filling everyone's tummies with delicious food and drink (Jason and I both had steak and shrimp at the wedding), and reminding everyone how wonderful it is to be in-love and surrounded by great friends and family!

Lucy made two little friends, Anna and Shay, and had a ball dancing on the dance floor. The kids got to enjoy staying up late every night (there was just way too much fun taking place to worry about keeping bedtimes! :-), and Jack quickly learned that if he refused baby food I would nurse him in the interest of "keeping the peace." So, for the second half of the trip, he got to return to infant-hood :-), but he's paying the price today, for withdrawal from extra nursings is proving to make him VERY mad! I'm so glad Jason had the foresight to take today off from work so he could help out with the "unwinding" that takes place after a long trip away from home.

I have too many great pictures to post here, but I've uploaded fifty or so pictures to our Shutterfly picture site, so if you want to see our pictures, click here.

Off for the last of the unpacking!

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  1. Those are GREAT! I love the feel of fall I get from the photos. Makes me ready to head off another trip to the mountains. And, your hair looks great! I love the color!!!