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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A "Swingin'" Good Time

We had a good weekend (except for the auburn loss, of course). Jason finished up the addition to the kids' swingset, adding a glider and spaces for three swings. I'm so very grateful he is the handy guy he is and always willing to take on whatever project I suggest. I thought the kids could use some additional swing spaces and a glider, and presto! he made it happen. Big thanks to Daddy!

(sorry, the pics are terrible quality. it was right around dusk, and too dark not to use the flash, but the flash made it super bright.)

Lucy's learning how the glider works:

Jack loves being in the swing, and lucy loves pushing him

We ventured out to Beauregard's Saturday night to watch the game with a bunch of our AU friends here in town. The kids promptly took over the take-out pick-up area by making it a pretend house, and where they had removed the table from between two booths, Lucy decided it was a great place to play "Little Gym" and try to jump from one booth across the now empty space to the other booth.

Finally, here are some funny pics of Lucy taken over the weekend:

"What happens when Daddy does my hair..."

No, just kidding. While I was recovering from pneumonia, lying around in bed all day, it's obvious they were having lots of fun playing together getting into all kinds of things!

Finally, here is Lucy:

1. sitting in a bumbo

2. pretend breastfeeding her glowworm, and

3. using a neck pillow as her boppy

The things she comes up with!... :-)


  1. Oh Kelly, that last picture of Lucy is just precious! Definitely one for the scrapbook. ;)