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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Mom

Still blogging from bed...quick update: went to a new doctor this morning-THANKS so much everyone for the referrals!-only doctor accepting new patients was Dr. Garrard with Total Sports Care, and he was WONDERFUL! (I couldn't get in to see Dr. Cost until November). Turns out Dr. Garrard is an AU grad (aren't they all wonderful :-)?) and he was very polite, thorough, and everything a doctor should be.

Surprisingly, he confirmed what the terrible doctor yesterday from the doc-in-the box said, so I'm to stick with the zpack and should feel better by the weekend. I sure hope so! Jason has to travel next week, so it's not really a choice for me-I HAVE to feel better!

But speaking of Jason, I must say he has been doing a WONDERFUL job of being Mr. Mom while I'm out of commission and trying to stay away as much as possible from Jack and Lucy, so as not to contaminate them :-)

He took them to story time this morning, and he even put lucy's hair in a ponytail (and bow!) yesterday! He's remembered the diaper bag every time he leaves the house, and he took them to dinner last night at Tortora's to eat with Tony and Laura (preview of coming attractions for them :-) YEA!! He discovered Jack LOVES shredded chicken fingers! Jason said he must have eaten what was equivalent to one entire chicken finger! LOL! That's my Jack)

Oh, and this is too cute not to share: so every night, Jason tells Lucy a made up story filled with topics of her request. For a while, the requests have always been the same; the story must revolve around: Audrey, firetrucks, poops (lovely, and we can thank Daddy for that :-), and dogs. Well, last night a new request was added to the list, and it upset Jason very much: BOYS.

Yes, BOYS. As soon as he left her room, he promptly came in here to share his concern. He said, "I tried suggesting, 'Girls', but nope, again, she said 'boys!" Boy it starts young doesn't it!?!

So thank you, Jason, for being a wonderful Mr. Mom (He's really learning how it goes, too: he hasn't been able to shower yet today)! When I'm feeling better, maybe you can sneak away for a 9-holer or something :-) Love you!!!!


  1. Too funny about Lucy mentioning boys!! And, thumbs up for having such a wonderful hubby. It's nice to have that "how did I get so lucky" feeling on a regular basis :).

  2. What a good Daddy and hubby he is. I noticed the pony tail yesterday and wondered how you managed to do that in your condition. I'm so impressed! And how sweet that Lucy requests Audrey for her stories! :)