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Friday, May 10, 2013

Good Morning!

Most mornings -because of my wonderful, giving husband -  I'm able to sleep in a bit while he fixes breakfast, helps the kids get dressed, and basically gets the day started.  But on Fridays, he meets up with some friends from church for a men's breakfast. 

So, I was on my own this morning, but I don't think the kids minded too much, as I made special cinnamon-sugar toast.

I snapped a few pictures:

I particularly love Lucy's outfit today.  I love the rainbow leggings, and I really love that she still wears that skirt I made her for her 3rd birthday.  I took out the original elastic in the waist, and added a new, longer strip, and voila! lots of more years using it :)  Her shirt is the one from Papa and Lady that says, "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" that she got when she was a wee tiny thing.

Jack is really loving his new "Ninjago" books :)

And Connor, he was too busy eating to be bothered to take a picture :)

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