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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Patience People!

On my personal list of strengths and weaknesses, "patient" would actually fall on the side of strengths.  (Well, except when I'm in line at any Walmart; I hate being in Walmarts so much, I typically loose all sense of self-control when I'm in a line with an interminable wait.)

But, back to my point.  Patience...while visiting my family in Atlanta a few weekends ago, Jason witnessed someone behaving so impatiently, you'll think I'm making it up.  Perhaps you've heard of the reputation of Atlanta drivers being aggressive on the road, often filled with road rage.  Well, that's true, and apparently, if you're an Atlanta driver, you are more important than anyone else on the road.  Case in point:

This is in an outdoor mall parking lot, where it is a single traveling lane in between two sides of parking spaces that are all on a diagonal.  Car A is slowly backing out of a parking space, Car B is waiting to pull into that parking space, giving Car A ample space to back up; Cars C and D are behind Car B, irritated that they're having to wait the ten seconds it will take car A to back out and car B to pull into that spot.

So, Car C decides to gun it, swerve around Car B and through the space that's in front of it, making Car A slam on its breaks as it's backing out.  And Car D decides that's a super plan and screams through the awkward intersection as well.

What's really crazy is those drivers are clearly so dumb, because they were racing through only to drive maybe twenty feet ahead where I'm sure there was another stopped waiting on someone else backing out of a parking spot.

Perhaps this isn't translating very well in a word description, and if I was on my old computer and not this new mac, I'd use my handy dandy paint program and draw a rustic diagram just like I've done before to help illustrate this point.  :)  But, either way, bottom line is don't take yourself too seriously and look like these two jack-asses!  :)  Happy, PATIENT driving, everyone!

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