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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lucy's new thing

Well, I have to say, I LOVE Lucy's "new thing."  And that thing is...(drumroll...):  making her bed in the morning!

She is all about it, and this is a nice surprise.  Having Lucy make her bed is not high on my priority list, and before she was able to physically do it on her own, I never considered it worth my time, so I never did it. (In my opinion, there are just too many other more important things to do).

That said, I obviously appreciate the good lesson that comes from teaching a child to respect and take care of their things - and making your bed is a part of that, so recently Jason and I added "making her bed" one of her morning chores.  I braced myself for quite a bit of resistance, considering 1) I never modeled good "bed-making" habits to her (a kid is always going to notice when you say one thing and do another...  bad mama!  :) and 2) there is always a whiny soundtrack spouting from that child's mouth every day as she completes her regular chores.

surprisingly, however, she has really taken an ownership of this chore, and even enjoys setting up her dolls just so:

She spends about ten minutes setting up her bed, very serious about it.  :)  way to go, lucy!  great job!


  1. Kel..Tell her Jillian Jiggs would be so proud of her!,,

  2. Way to go Lucy! I'll have to tell Audrey so maybe she'll do it too! :) Audrey went through a phase where she did it but now she only does it occasionally.