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Monday, June 11, 2012

Postmas' Pool Party

We love pool parties at the Postmas!  Here are some fun pics from our last get together there:

I relaxed (and enjoyed US Weekly thanks to Julie's huge stash of current mags- thx girl!) and snuggled with super cuddly connor :)

Jack and Lucy were all about jumping off the diving board!  Here, Lucy's jumping to Josh, who did a fantastic job of teaching her how to swim last summer!

and then, jumping to Jason...

Connor watched the big kids...

 and enjoyed the water in his raft...

but, these are my favorite ones of him:  playing with Jason


Lucy was delightful all day to watch.  She loved playing with "baby Alex", who's not at all a baby anymore, and in fact, is a big brother!  :)

Thanks again Julie and Eric!  We always enjoy it!

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