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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A change of plans...

It has been a very unexpected week...Typically, I'm not one to freak out when the storm predictions forecast dangerous conditions, but now I understand why a lot of people do. The storms that hit Alabama last Wednesday were unbelievable. And instead of being glued to the television prior to them hitting, I've been glued to YouTube watching videos of the storms as they hit.

And as we drove south to stay with Jason's parents on Thursday - the day after the storms hit, the first full day of no power, the first of many days we were predicted to be without power - our jaws dropped open many times. In Guntersville, there were gigantic trees laying on top of downed power lines, roof tops of buildings lining the road, and beautiful stretches of land just littered with debris and wreckage. It wasn't until we had been driving about 90 minutes that power was available. (Stopping at every single light from Albertville through Boaz, on toward Gadsen was nothing short of tedious.)

But, we're here in Oxford, in the comforts of "Baba and Grandpa's" cozy home. Lucy's birthday party was scheduled for yesterday in Huntsville, but we still managed to celebrate here; and her spirits didn't seemed dampened at all ;-)

Grandpa gave Lucy her own set of golf clubs! They're out on the course right now breaking them in! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Trying it out in the yard! Check out the sweet outfit Aunt Sarah gave her. Lucy loves it, and is wearing it yet again. The glittery sunglasses are such a hit!

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  1. How cute...your Papa Pike would be so proud and your Uncle Mark can teach her HOW to be a scratch golfer. Looks like she has the style down, just not the stance :-)