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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Favorite Things" Birthday Party

Although it was postponed one week due to the tornado outbreaks, we were finally able to celebrate miss Lucy's 4th birthday. Back in March, when I asked her what kind of party she'd like to have she replied, "One with decorating cakes, bubble gum, and candy!" Seeing as they don't sell themed party supplies with that exact phrasing, I decided to theme it "Lucy's Favorite Things."

And even though I totally forgot to have bubble gum at the party (but, the blow pops in the goody bags did actually have gum in the middle, so that counts right? ;-), it was a great time!

The kids could choose cupcakes or cake squares to decorate! (And by the way, if you're ever in need of plain sheet cakes, Costco was fantastic to work with. They even separated the colored icing and put it in icing piping bags for the kids to use. I totally love Costco!)

Lucy's concoction - very fancy! ;-)

and there was lots of time for playing! The party was at McGucken Park, and we had beautiful, warm weather.

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

Lucy's sweet friends gave her lots of fun dolls, books, and games! Thank you everyone! It was a great party!

And a big thanks to my mom who was here for the festivities and worked hard to help Jason and I prepare for the party, and also kept little man Connor happy during the party. Thanks Mom!!!!! Love you!


  1. It was a great day for a party! Great pics!

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