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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorite Lines from Today

Okay...two times today I was reduced to giggles...

The first time was when Lucy, Jason, and I were getting ready to play Lucy's new Fancy Nancy's Parfait game. Lucy was unloading all the pieces and announcing that the "constructions are right here!"

And then, later on, as the kids were running around like wild animals and screaming, Jason had had enough and snapped..."Jack! Stop screaming! That is the sound a teradactyl makes as he goes in for the kill, not a sound you should make while inside the house!!!"

I just found his explanation hilarious and completely random...although on second thought, Jack does remark about dinosaurs quite often, as he goes through his list of what animals do and don't bite:

Jack: "And dinosaurs...dinosaurs bite?"

"Yes, Jack, dinosaurs bite; but they don't live on the earth anymore, so they can't bite you."

Jack: "And alligators, alligators bite?"

"Yes, Jack, alligators too."

Jack: "And crocodiles, they bite?"

"Yes, crocodiles bite also."

Jack: "But frogs, frogs not bite?"

"Right Jack, frogs don't bite."

Jack: "And caterpillars, they not bite?"

"You got it, buddy, caterpillars don't bite."

And then he'll smile and briskly turn around and walk away, secure in his knowledge of what animals to fear getting bitten by and which ones not to worry about ;-).

Oh yeah, and sadly today, one of my favorite Jack words has already come to pass...he no longer calls "hockey" "pockey". When Matt Becker came over, Jack was wearing his Thrashers jersey. Jack ran up to matt, stuck out his jersey and told him that this was "Uncle Ryan's hockey jersey."

Little guy sure is growing up - and practicing his dinosaur roars on a daily basis. ;-)

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