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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lucy is 4!

My darling Lucy turns 4 today!

The celebrating began last night with a trip to Brusters for ice cream. She was twirling before we even ordered!

Sweet, so sweet! Thanks, Lady, for the "Birthday Princess" dress. She's wearing it at school right now ;-)

"I'm 4!"

"I'm 2!" (No surprise his "2" is the same way he uses his hands to represent a gun - LOL!

And this morning, we celebrated with Birthday Pancakes! (which neither kid would eat; i did mess up the texture a bit;-)

Now dressed for school, it's time to open presents!!!!

opening her present from Daddy:

long, formal gloves, dress up heels, and a cupcake purse

"Shoes!!!!" There was an appropriate squeal to go along with it! ;-)

And now mommy's present: glitter shoes! Oh how I wish they were in my size too ;-)

She loves her new cupcake purse from daddy! She took it to school filled with suckers to share with her classmates at lunch. (And no lie, Jack broke the purse strap literally three minutes after she opened her present. But nothing a little hot glue gun can't fix ;-)

And a look back over the past four birthdays!

turning 1!

turning 2!

turning 3!

Our big, grown-up 4 year old!!!!

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  1. Aww, I love the pics! That birthday dress is just TOO cute!