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Monday, May 16, 2011

What we've been up to lately...

It's been a busy week, but hey what's new about that ;-) Jason and I helped host a couples baby shower for our friends David and Cindy Kudrav, who are expecting their first child - a boy (obviously) - next month. We're so excited for "Choo Choo" (what our kids call David) and "Caboose" (what David calls Cindy around our kids :)

Annie and Lauren and their respective husbands also hosted, and we all enjoyed a casual, outdoor barbecue with lots of friends, good food, and very good drinks!

Here are some pics from the big event!

I made this diaper cake, and it was so much fun to do. The most tedious part is rolling up all the diapers, but fortunately, my aunt Karen helped me roll up just a few hundred or so on one of her recent trips to visit us - thanks Aunt K! And would you believe the total cost to make this was only $49!? These sell for over $100...

such a cute baby bump!

I love how Dave opened all the gifts!

Before moving on, another big thanks to Baba and Grandpa for coming up to spend the day with us Saturday and watching the kids while we hosted the shower! THANK YOU!

I've been making a point to try to spend more alone time with Connor, so I've been playing around with the camera and my adorable little guy...

and then "alone time with Connor" was over...big brother and sister had to join in!!!

Connor's rocking the beach shirt!

Not a great photo, but I like how you can see the beautiful sapphire color of his eyes.

Snuggling after a morning cartoon!

My favorite and new facebook profile pic. And yes, Jack is still very attached to his "pallow" ;-)


  1. Adorable pics - I can't believe how big Connor is - I haven't seen him in forever! He looks SO MUCH like Lucy!!


  2. These are great too! Connor is getting so, so big. And the Kudrav's shower looked great too... I love the train theme!