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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

this and that...

first a little of "this":

I had my 37 week OB visit today, and everything is just fine - praises! Baby is head down, still measuring large (I'm measuring "39 weeks" - 2 weeks ahead), and no dilation. I'm particularly happy with the last part. I'm eager to meet our child, but not in any unnecessary hurry! Enjoying the last weeks of just having "two kids" and getting a full night's rest each night!

The very best part of the entire visit? I was in an out the door in 17 minutes - which could be considered a miracle since each visit averages around 1 to 1.5 hours to go through the process.

now a little of "that":
I am so proud of Jack and the progress he's making with potty training! Cute, albeit a little pitiful, story: last night Jack was whining in the middle of the night (uncommon for him). He kept persisting, so finally Jason went in to see what Jack was having an issue with...When Jason walked in, Jack started saying "Potty! Potty! I have to go potty!" Poor baby was uncomfortable with too much pee.

I couldn't believe in that situation, that he didn't just go to the bathroom in his pull up! So, Jason took him to the bathroom, where apparently he peed A LOT, and then back to bed. Funny, huh?!?

But he is doing great, starting to tell us about half of the time when he needs to go; still peeing anytime we take him; so accidents are now pretty rare. That makes his preschool teachers happy, and makes me feel a little more relaxed when we're hanging out at home, not having to be so rigid about taking him to the bathroom all the time!

Despite my reluctance in the beginning, I'm so glad we're doing this before the baby arrives!


  1. Can you believe it's February!?! It's finally here! So glad you were in and out at the OB appt today. I am simply AMAZED with Jack's progress, that is so awesome! It took Audrey months to wake up dry, even after she was daytime trained, and she has never woken up b/c she needed to go pee (or at least that I know of)! Go Jack!!!

  2. My little excavator:-)