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Monday, February 28, 2011

first car trip alone with all three...

So, it happened today...I was alone for the first time while driving all three of the kiddos home. And it was not without incident!

The new arrangement in the car for our three carseats has Jack and Connor sitting in the second row, and Lucy in the third row. Because Connor is rear-facing and Jack faces forward, the two of them can easily look at each other and Jack can easily reach over and touch (or mess with ;-) Connor.

I say that so you can understand why when Jack said, "Mommy, look!" and held up what appeared to be Connor's umbilical cord stump, I froze. It has not fallen off yet, and I panicked that Jack had pulled it off my poor newborn's belly button!

While fearing a bloody mess in the second row, I suddenly realized that Connor wasn't crying, but was still sound asleep. Now feeling puzzled instead of terrified, I asked Jack where he got the nasty quarter-sized yellowish-brown thing he was holding.


"Your car seat, Jack?"


My wheels are turning, when I remembered I had given him a banana not long ago while in the car. A-ha!

I confirmed my suspicion, then had a good laugh at myself, and reminded myself that lots of women have survived - no, I should rather say succeeded in - raising three young children. Driving with all three of them is just part of that, and as I begin this wild journey, I have no doubt the car will be the setting of many more stories (good, bad, and everything in between) and laughs!

And just so you don't think me crazy for mistaking a rotten banana piece for a withering umbilical cord, take a look at these pictures: ;-)

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