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Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucy and Jack meet Connor!

One of the most wonderful things I've ever experienced...this morning, my first loves came to see my new love, and oh, was the room full of LOVE!

Jack came running in, Lucy a bit more cautious behind him. "Hold Connor! Hold Connor!" Jack yelled, and Lucy came right up to my side to hold my hand and ask more questions about my hospital bracelets. ;-) She's been full of questions, curious to make sure everything is okay.

Our cup runneth' over...

My favorite one:

So loving toward both her brothers!

"I can't wait to play 'tackle' with you, Connor!"

Jack was so stinkin' excited and proud to be holding him!

To conclude, here's a picture we took last night after a feeding. It's a fav of mine!


  1. Just beyond precious!!! So happy for you and your sweet family!