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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"We Want Videos!"

We're all really enjoying having Lady around while we await Baby Martin's arrival! Today marked week 39, so we're just 7 days away from due date!

Lucy and Jack's favorite activity to do with Lady is watch "videos" on her Ipad. For Jack, it's truck and firetruck videos; for Lucy, she loves watching cake decorating videos. We've seen some great ones on how to make a princess ball gown type cake, and an adorable one on how to make a flip flop cake - adorable! I'll try to get the links from Lady and put them up! You'd be shocked how easy some of it actually is!

Sweet story regarding Lucy and her cake watching with Lady...we were at the store picking out Valentine's Day cards (I was horribly late, and picking out cards literally hours before VDay...). I took Lucy to the VDay section, and started browsing myself for a card for Jason. A few minutes later, Lucy announces, with great enthusiasm, "I found one! I found one!"

She brings me a card entitled "Congratulation on your Wedding!" It is a cutout picture of a four tiered wedding cake, adorned with lots of icing flowers and glitter on every other layer.

Then Lucy says, "I like this one because Lady and I watch cakes getting made, and this one is of a BEAUTIFUL cake!" So, not quite a true "Valentine's" themed card, but I think it's even better! Pretty adorable and clever, that girl!

Here's some pictures of Lady and Jack watching truck videos before bed:

i love the folded hands:

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  1. So sweet of Lucy to pick out the cake card! :) Future cake decorator? And how sweet does Jack look watching the truck videos?