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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just proving how stinkin' hard it is to get a "family shot"

So, I've now organized all our Hilton Head photos, and looking at the ones where we're desperately trying to get a cute, "beach family shot" just makes me laugh at myself.

All that planning (picking out the cute outfits to coordinate between the kids), and then having an early dinner so we can head to the beach to get just the right lighting, only to have the kids act like wild hooligans the minute we step on the sand...ah, yes, the fruitless attempt.

Just take a look:

"Look, right here, in FRONT, Lucy" LOL

"Jack, be still, squirt..."

"Lucy, look at the camera!"

best shot we got is right here:

both my children look like they're seeing a monster behind the camera. ROFL...

We had better luck just photographing the kids....the cute boys on the left, Jack and Grant, are my college roommate, Laura's, boys. Adorable kids!

Check out my Jack in this last one...that face is just priceless to me...so "squinched up and happy"


  1. We've SO been there and to add to it, Audrey seems to just hate the camera. But I think your last family shot turned out great - you and Jason are smiling and the kids are looking in the direction of the camera, and that's all that matters! :) Love the kids' outfits, super cute!

  2. All four are just too cute....What a photo