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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Enjoying my mom's awesome help...

I've been absent again because my mom has been here since Tuesday, helping out - so much! And after a bad turn with the nausea - it got even worse! ;-( - I took any free time to just lie in bed, motionless. It brought back a few memories of college except that, at one point this week, after coming home from Harmony Safari Ride, it felt like I was enormously inebriated yet hungover at the same time. Oh goodness, college!... ;-)

But moving quickly on...my mom made us many meals, which are just waiting for consumption in our freezer, tended to the laundry and kitchen every day, and took such great care of the kids, taking them on "adventures" around town. I think their favorite was playing in the fountains at Bridgestreet and getting to eat cookies from the Great Cookie Co. at 10am ;-) They had a great time with "Lady"!

Like I mentioned before, we did get a chance to go check out that Harmony Safari Park, located in New Hope on Saturday. That was fun, lemme tell ya. The kids were amazed at all the animals, and I got a scary surprise when I turned back to my window, only to realize I had left it rolled down and there was an aggressive emu and several deer poking their heads at me waiting for feed. I screamed and my family laughed...good times...

It was great to see my Dad, too, who flew in from Denver. He's doing great on his new morning show out there, the ratings are skyrocketing, and he's beginning to really enjoy it out there. Lots of good stuff!

But, now that my mom's gone, it's back to reality - sigh! ;-(. Kids will be up any minute, gotta run. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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