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Monday, July 15, 2013

Super Sleepers!

It seems lately, that my kids' sleeping ability has become a topic of conversation and smiles, and I thought it'd be fun to see a compilation of all the great pics we've captured in the past few months.  As you'll see, Jack has a few winning moments, but it's really Connor that takes top trophy!  :) 

These first two are Jack:
at my parents' house in Atlanta after so much fun one day he literally only made it up the first stair-lol!

Aunt Sarah's Wedding last year

I LOVE the Dr. Pepper one because this is how I found him when I came home from a girls' night out.  Daddy had been left in charge :)

Connor and his cars!

On the way home from Chick-Fil-A, COnnor's dessert still stuck in his mouth.  It's the bottom of his ice-cream cone :)

napping on the couch

not asleep here, but it's a fun one of him and bear sharing some snuggles...on the oh-so-comfy garage floor!  :)

Just a few days ago...we could not wake him up.

snoozing at the St. Louis pool party!

Another Jack...plays hard, sleeps hard.  Here, he had decided to put him to sleep in our bed.

And on the same day as above, Connor found his crashing place here.

Old "floor pics":

And look, my floors are actually clean enough to see his reflection!  Amazing :)

Jack's just chillin' with his cartoons while Connor catches some zzzzs.

On the boat with Aunt Kay.

At a restaurant:

At Lucy's school event

By the pool again.

Just a few days ago, Connor was asleep on the floor again, and I actually vacuumed around his head.  He needed to wake up, so I thought surely the vacuum mere inches from his head would do the trick- but, not so!  I'm kicking myself I didn't think to video it! 

Happy Nappy!  

The pics uploaded twice, so just ignore the photos below. 

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