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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Well, this has just been one of those days that I benefited from repeating over and over to myself, "This is something I get to do, not something I have to do." 

Remember those blow up, weighted down, punching character tube-like things?  Well, that was me, and my kids just took turns all day knocking me till I bled. 

Jack broke into random whiny wailing no less than four times an hour, Lucy ran her sassy mouth constantly (I mean, there was literally nothing I said that she didn't have some counter argument/position/comment that she just had to share.  At one point in the car, I pulled over, turned around, and instructed to repeat what I prompted her to say.  Which was:  "I am six years old.  And I am NOT the boss."), and oh yeah, Connor went outside alone and took a walk down the street by himself.

Jason had golf league and wouldn't be home until after bedtime.  At 4:30, I decided to go back to the gym for a second round of exercising, because, after all, going to the gym means dropping them off in Playcare - where at least a paid employee has to listen to them!  Hitting the pool for some hard swimming followed by the relaxing sauna was just what I needed.  And we ended the day on a better note (well, after bathing all three, which is a massive, soggy undertaking.)

A little treat for surviving the day, I'm listening to some new tunes ("Jesus Paid It All" an oldie, but goodie), about to read, and go to bed EARLY.  Whoo Hoo!

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