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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving in Oxford

We traveled to Oxford, AL to visit with Jason's family during Thanksgiving holiday.  Aunt Sarah decided last minute to come down too, so that was a great surprise, and Grandmama and Grandpa Bert make the trek all the way up from Orlando.  It was great seeing everyone!

We had AWESOME, very mild weather, so we played outside a lot! 

"kars, kars, kars!" 

fun in the leaves!

Love this pic of Lucy and Baba!

So Lucy!

Coloring with Aunt Sarah!  We missed seeing Uncle Justin, but can't wait to see him again!  :)

Cousin Joshua!

Baba and Grandmama's food was so yummy, the kids had to take a T'giving nap!  :)

More fun outside!

Yep, those are bare feet - it was that nice out!  :)

The kids LOVE walking along their landscape border.  Around and around they go!  All day!

Lucy was super into Grandpa's Twilight Zone.  She watched no less than 4 episodes!

We celebrated Christmas on Friday with everyone.  Jack was super excited to get ANOTHER AU jersey!

Lucy loved her new dresses from Baba!

The Leap Pad 2s are a big hit!

Connor got more cars!

And Jason received the largest box of chocolates I've ever seen!  :)

Bedtime with Baba!

His face is lit up from his Leap Pad...He slept with it every night :)

And as always, Connor slept with his cars :)

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

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