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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jack's Birthday

Jack turned 4 years old Sunday!  We started the day with birthday doughnuts! 

And opening presents from family.  I gave Jack an Angry Birds necklace (Couldn't believe I found one...it was at Claire's and thankfully it was dog-tag style, so tolerable to give to my MALE child :)

Jason gave Jack a Batman Adventure kit :)

And Papa 'n Lady gave Jack  the Spiderman Web Slinger thing :)

I don't have a picture, but Jack plays his Cars game on his Leap Pad that Baba and Grandpa gave him to go with his new Leap Pad.  He plays that game every day!

Later that afternoon, blessed with glorious weather - 72 degrees on Dec. 2! - we headed to Hays Nature Preserve to have Jack's Spiderman birthday party!

This was a great venue for several reasons:  1.  I didn't have to pay any money to rent the place, 2.  Kids love it, 3.  it's five minutes from our house, and 4.  cake can fall all over the ground and I don't have to clean up - and little creatures will thank me :)

This kid in his hat just melts my heart!  So stinkin' cute...

It's my party and I'll pout if I want to...

Each child got a bottle of silly string, and they ran around and sprayed the Spiderman Villians that I set up around the park.  Great fun!


Lady and Papa came for the party! 

Take that, villian!

Jack is super into his friends right now, always talking about this friend or that, asking to have playdates, etc.  It's sweet!

Might be my favorite pic from the day - love this one!  Jason and Jack are super adorable in it!  Lucky, lucky me :)

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