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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hometown Olympics!

Well, this past weekend's party may have been the most fun I've had in a long time!  Earlier this summer, I knew I wanted to throw a big party.  Originally, I was brainstorming ideas for adults only, but the problem with that is that so many families are tied to having such young kids.  So, I knew it needed to be a party that was a family event.  Then, it hit me, with the Olympics during July, it would be the perfect party theme.  Families participating in Olympic events.  Perfect!  We could all watch the Olympics with our kids, get them involved in learning about the different sports, different countries, patriotism, good sportsmanship, on and on.  

So, on Saturday, we held the first annual (I say first annual because I would love to do this again; well, in four years I guess :) Hometown Olympics at our house.  And it was a total blast!  We had about 50 people come and the games were memorable to say the least!  Here are some of my fav pics.

So, this shot of the buckets set up is the only "set up" photo I have (and not particularly interesting either :).  I realized after all the food had been gobbled up and table spread overtaken by little toddler hands, I hadn't taken any shots of the tables or decor.  But, then I quickly realized it really didn't matter, because the party was about fun and families doing things together.  I am in love with all of our friends' faces while playing these games, the kids' smiles, and the random shots of people just being themselves.  Way more fun and representative of us than any Olympic-themed table spread!

So, this is the "Polo Match."  The dads (and Leah!) were such troopers.  Pool noodles and a beach ball, and game on!

Truitt had two kids on his back - well, until they fell.  His 4th kid is on the way!  :)


Then, a little tug 'o war.  Did you know it was an Olympic event, way back in the beginning of the Olympic Games.  And, I mean, how could we not play tug 'o war!

Moms vs. moms

We weren't playing around, game on!

Then, Moms vs. Kids
The kids LOVED this one!

Check out Garrison and Connor's self-made seats.  Love it!

We really were pulling...

and then Kristen busted the dads that jumped in on the kids' side :)

Dads vs. Dads

And the big finale:  the Triathlon.  The route was bike from our house around the block, to the pool, swim a lap, and then run back to our house.  The final leg was the giant sized slip 'n slide that you had to cross.  This turned out even better than I expected...I'm so glad so many people participated!

Heat 1, Stan was the first to finish  3:57, super fast!

Truitt making it across:

Here comes Jim:

And Mike:


Here comes Gavin!!
Heat 2, Ford

graceful Jason :)

Here's Matt!

I can not tell you how entertaining that part was.  The men were absolutely wrecked after the race.  The comments still make me laugh out loud:  "My lungs are burning!"  "My hip!  Jason was out of commission and sore all the next day, and I've been told one dad had to go throw up by his car after the race was over.  (But I think the beer was a contributing factor there :)  Jason told me after he got out of the pool and went to put his shoes back on, he didn't think he'd be able to even stand up out of the chair.  LOL!

Some great candids:

The Moore's are about to welcome baby #2 in a few weeks!  A little boy...

Little Lanie, who's not so little anymore

And who can forget the Triplets' first party!  Adelaide, Grace, and Caitlyn came to join in the fun.  Big props to mom and dad, Rebecca and Josh, for making it out!  So good to see you guys; hope it was worth all the effort it must have taken to make it happen!  :)

newest baby addition to the group, Colton.  He chilled... :)

 Garrison enjoying the jeep before he fell and totally ate the pavement.  poor baby :(

Connor and the fabulous Miss Rebecca, our babysitter.

What a blast, can't wait to do it again!  Who's hosting next time!?!  :)

If you want to see all the pics, just click here

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  1. It would be awesome if you guys did it again in 4 years. Matt said again today when I was on the phone with you to tell you it was EPIC. :)