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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Almost a Kindergartner!

So, yesterday, Lucy met her new teacher, Mrs. Yokley.  And before we went to meet and greet, I told Lucy her first assignment as a Kindergartner was to label her supplies (which we had oh-so-much fun picking out).  I just love how she made big ol' hearts and put little circles at the points of the letters of her name.  All on her own of course, although I'm sure she picked up the circles on letters from when I write people's names on their birthday cards.  She so girlie - I love it!

Her friend Sarah, who's in a different class.

Taking out her things at her desk:

And great timing, because as I was cleaning out her old tote bag from her Pre K class with Ms. S, I found this book she had made last year with a particularly sweet page:

Wow, Lucy is in Kindergarten!  :)  I'm sure this will be super bittersweet when it's Connor's turn, but in this case I am definitely 95% excited/thrilled and only 5% a little sad.  :)

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  1. Sooo exciting!! Makes me so sad we missed the orientation. :( I love how she decorated her things!