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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spongebob dresses

Jack has been enjoying some one-on-one time with my parents in Atlanta this week, and with things a little less hectic around here, I had some time this afternoon to complete a little project I've had in mind- sew pillowcase dresses from this Spongebob fabric.

Lucy's like me in that she loves to watch tv, and one of her current favs is Spongebob Squarepants.  (One show I actually don't mind watching with her sometimes; that and Good Luck Charlie - I kind of like that show :)  Anyhow, neat story behind the Spongebob fabric I had stacked among all my fabric remnants:  my first year teaching, way back in 2004, Spongebob was a new tv show and was all the rave with kids.  So, I set up my first classroom with a spongebob theme.  I had this fabric covering several bulletin boards as well as no fewer than two dozen stuffed animal sponge bobs :).  I  think I used this fabric in the classroom for about three years before I retired it.  So, it's likely been in the storage bin since 2007.  But, now it's being put to very good use!  

"Audrey, this is how you pose...Pose!"  :)

Cutest dialogue to date between these two while they were watching me as I began to sew their dresses:

Audrey:  "Ms. Kelly, where did you learn to do that?!"

Me:  "I took a sewing class and learned how."

Audrey:  "Oh...Well I want to take a sewing class."

Me:  "You should absolutely do that Audrey.  And you too Lucy, you guys would have so much fun doing that together."

Lucy:  "Yes!  And since we're both five, we'd be in the same class."  (You can tell we've been chatting a lot about starting Kindergarten and who might be in their classes...)

Audrey:  "Yeah, we'd be in the same class.  (Big grin)  Long pause, then, "We're going to be together all our life."

I mean, seriously!?  Tears pricked my eyes a little when A said that :)

Connor was hanging around too :)

Wish you could have heard the giggles happening during this one :)

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  1. Oh my word. Please tell Lucy thanks for trying, LOL! I showed these to Audrey to show her how much prettier she is when she smiles! Thanks for the dress, Audrey loves it. :)