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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love Abuse

There's all kinds of abuse, right?  Emotional, physical, animal, etc.  Well, in one of my many roles, as "mom," I'm adding a new kind of abuse:  love abuse.

This kind of abuse does actually hurt, although it's certainly unintentional.  It occurs when a child loves being in close proximity to his mother so much, that it actually causes physical pain.  To illustrate, let me use my child Jack, for he is the PERFECT example.  During morning snuggles, he is surprisingly still, that is until he decides to flip his body around to face the other way, so quickly in fact that a loose arm thwaps me on my jaw.  That happened the other morning; it hurt...badly!

Another jaw injury:  kids love to jump on beds, right?  Especially when they get to jump off the bed as you catch them.  One time, Jack managed to crouch down low, ready to spring up, only as he sprung up he jumped forward and knocked me from underneath my jaw.  The impact was so forceful that I bit my tongue, and it bled.  Quite a bit...

My boys love to drive their truck and little toy cars along the ground all the time, and their vroom vroom noises are so fun to listen to.  But what's not fun is when they move their bodies so quickly, in the way of where I'm walking, and I'm forced to trip/jump over them.  On occasion, those jumps land me against a wall or cause me to twist my ankle.  Fun times...

I've been poked in the eyes with crayons and likely nearly lost my hearing from my daughter's loud screams (okay, that one may be an exaggeration :)

Moms deal with these little "love injuries" all the time.  All three of my kids have caused me physical pain - and not just when I birthed them.  :)  Love abuse, it's just another part of the job :)

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