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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Girls Being Girly

Although Lucy was enrolled to go to MMO a few days a week this summer, I changed my mind and decided that Lucy's love of playing with her friends would keep her busy enough during the summer.  Things have worked out great, as Lucy just LOVES playing with her friends.  Here, Maclaine and Lucy played dress up for no less than two hours the other morning:

Jack was at school this particular morning, but Connor was hanging around, keeping busy stuffing his face with food while the girls played:

So funny, these girls have the posing down!!!

Connor started up his new thing, which is simply pushing Lucy from behind.  She's got to stop laughing at him, for one day he will be able to push her over :)

Okay, so this is the best series.  They announced from the top of the stairs that this entrance was for their "bride and baby" runway show.  After carrying each other's bridal trains, each girl presented their baby.  I refrained from pointing out that the only thing that a bride should be carrying is her bouquet; we'll get to that at a more appropriate time, though.  :)  Classic!

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