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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What we've been up to...

Sorry it's been a while...you know us, always have lots of fun things going on! We feel SO blessed to have so many great friends and family things to be involved in :)

Here's an update in photos:

Jack is still loving his Hummer power wheels; he calls it his "monster truck" and it is ALL he talks about from the minute he wakes up till he finally crashes at night. I'm not kidding, driving it is the ONLY activity Jack wants to be involved in. We had a meltdown on the way to storytime last week because he wanted to stay home and drive some more (he had already been driving it for about an hour that morning :) Best $60 I've ever spent on this kid!

Lucy is happy to ride along...they're buds :)

And Connor is still our happy, happy boy! We've nicknamed him "smiles" for he is rarely wearing any other expression on his face. He's just an angel baby!

And he's fully crawling now. I got jipped on the phase where you can plop a baby down on the ground, have them be able to sit up and entertain themselves with a few toys while you tend to things. Connor can crawl, but he can't sit up, and whenever he does begin to do that, he'll never stay in one place since he knows how to crawl :)

Lucy and Connor spend a lot of time together! She's an awesome helper!
Growing boy!

Lucy still sucks her thumb at night...

which is SILLY... :)

and she loves to paint her nails and show them off!

and pose...here, you can see her rare "Sarah face" making an appearance.

and even six months after having our third edition, Lucy and Jack are still OBSESSED with him. All they want to do is hold him, play with him, etc. This morning, they got some love before heading off to school.

Connor cheats death daily with big brother Jack...

Connor: "Mom! Why do you keep letting this big person get near me!?! Haven't you learned he is incapable of MODERATION!?"

And when Jack gets the special privilege of holding Connor by himself, you can see how it puts Lucy off! LOL! (and how happy it makes sweet Jack!)

That's all for now, have a great day everyone!

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  1. Love these pics! My faves -the one of Jack and Lucy riding in the hummer from behind (so sweet), and the last one cracks me up! Poor Lucy. And I just love Connor, such a happy baby!