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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A weekend for our boys...

This weekend was a special weekend for our little guy, Connor, as he was baptized (or "bathitized" as Lucy says it) today. And today also turned out to be a special occasion for Jack (who as the stereotypical "middle child" can always use any extra attention - planned or not.)

I LOVE yard sales, and so I was tickled pink when a facebook page was created for our little community this side of the mountain in Hampton Cove. And not just any FB page, but a community YARD SALE page where people from the valley can post things they're selling. I've already bought a free standing floor mirror for our room (always wanted one as I hate standing atop the bathtub ledge to see what the bottom half of my outfit and shoes look like on :), and today, I decided to quickly pop onto the page and just see if anything fun had been posted.

So glad I did!...because just twelve minutes prior a lady had posted her son's Hummer Power Wheels two-seater with battery and charger!!!!! And for just $60! A steal for one of these things in great condition. I jumped on it because Jack has been driving around Lucy's "Barbie Take Along Tunes Power Wheels" and while it was kind of Lucy to let him drive it so much (she never hardly got a chance to drive it because it is seriously ALL Jack lives to do - first words out of his mouth in the mornings are "Can I go drive Lucy's Jeep?!?"), Jack really needs a proper manly toy car!

So, we brought it home after lunch and surprised Jack with it! His face was priceless! I just edited and posted all these photos to our Shutterfly share site, so I'm just going to link to it here if you want to see the pics and his surprised face!: (the "hummer" pics begin at #63 I believe in the album "August and the new house"


And now for what the weekend was originally planned to be about: Connor's baptism. My mom and Jason's parents and several of our dear friends joined us for the happy occasion, and despite Connor falling asleep on Barbara's shoulder during the praise time, he woke up and did just fine - if not a bit confused - up on stage as John baptized. Thanks to my friend Dawn for snapping some pictures of the event, and you can see them in the folder, "Connor's Baptism":


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