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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Half-Birthday Connor!

Today is a cool day; my mom turned 24 :) and Connor turned 6 months! And as is the tradition in our house, we celebrate the first half-birthday with half of a birthday cake.

Lucy picked the icing color - lime green, and both kids helped put sprinkles all over the cake (and the floor :) We sang happy birthday, and Connor had a grand time sucking the icing off his fingers. Watching ever so closely, Lucy asked me, "Mommy, are babies supposed to have icing?" Me: "No baby, not really, but it's okay (unsaid: It's okay because Mommy is going to bunco and Daddy gets to watch you tonight :) She seemed a bit confused but let it go...

So happy half-birthday sweet lil' boy - it's flying by! I officially crown you, best baby! :)

We have his 6 month check up tomorrow, so I'll post his stats then, but for now, Connor eats A LOT! Twice a day, he consumes about 1/4 cup of baby food plus rice cereal, and he's nursing no less than five times a day (and somehow he has picked back up a nighttime feeding. We tried to let him cry it out a few night ago, thinking that he's just nursing at night because he wants to, but after 90 minutes of crying I figured perhaps he really is just hungry. He's always ravenous every time he eats.

We've nicknamed him "smiles" because he is such a happy baby and most of the people we encounter remark about how happy he is. He really is a delight! Also, he's a tough cookie, hardly ever crying when Jack throws himself on top of him, or Lucy squeals at a glass-breaking decibel in his ear. Great kid, just a great kid! We're so fortunate!

Lucy still ADORES him!

Some sibling love...

Thanks Baba for the cute "cupcake" outfit; it was perfect for today!

There's a smile!

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