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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daddies are from Mars, Mommies are from Venus

Case in point...this brief - yet so revealing - interlude took place just two night ago. Quick background: Jack has become a bit preoccupied with "big bad wolf" and it's quite common for Jack to stay back from a room's entrance because "the big bad wolf is in there!" When I'm home with him during the day, Jack will dramatically announce the big bad wolf's location, and I'll make a big scene of running into the room with my arms waving, leap forward, and yell, "Go away big bad wolf!" The kids giggle with delight, and then I'll announce that the wolf is gone, having either jumped out the window and into the construction trucks at the Carney's new house across the street or sometimes I just have the wolf disappear through the closet.

Okay, so anyhow...dinner was finished, kids had played around, and it was time to go upstairs and get ready for bed.

Jason: "Okay kids, upstairs, let's get ready for bed..."

Jack: "But the big bad wolf is up there."

Jason: (with a smirk and attitude) "Jack, no there's not."

Me: "Jack, I'll go scare it away."

Mommy saves the day... :)

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