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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sneak Peek

Lucy and Jack both had their Halloween Parties at school today - only Lucy's class got to dress up. (Not that I expect the teachers of the older toddlers to want them to dress up ;-).

So, after some quick alterations, this morning, to Lucy's "ballerina costume," she was dressed and ready to go to school. I snapped some quick pics that turned out to be pretty cute.

Not only does she get to be a "ballerina" but a "princess" one, as I scored this sweet little blue ballet dress - with none other than the "Disney Princesses" front and center - at Play it Again for a grand total of $1.25. Only downside was it was a size 6X, so I had to take in the back and take off quite a bit of sleeve width. Lucy was very concerned I was sewing her dress, but I assured her it was just like Olivia's mom does in the story when she makes her a new, better soccer shirt. Then she was fine with it ;-)

Here's our little "princess ballerina."

Thanks, Baba, for the glittery "fancy nancy" shoes!

Lucy turned exactly three and a half years old this week!


  1. She's such a beautiful little princess ballerina!