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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Past few days...

So, much to catch up on, I'm just going to smush it all together here in one post. 

So, last weekend, Jason brewed for the first time in a long time.  It was a beautiful day, so we set up chairs in the driveway, slip 'n slides for the kids, lathered everyone up with sunscreen, invited the neighbors and friends over, and we spent HOURS outside.  Like six hours I think. 

And it was awesome because our new neighbors of just two days - who also have three kids, age 9, 7, and 2 - hung out with us for a long time.  They're pretty great.  But at some point, I realized I hadn't seen Connor in a bit, so I went looking for him inside the house and this is where I found him:

He was on the back porch glider, where I was drying out Jack's comforter, and Lucy had draped the den blanket over him.  Awwww :)

The next day was Memorial Day, and our awesome friends the Postma's held their annual party.  Great day for a pool party!

complete with desserts :)

(I was just noticing Lucy's bottoms...they're not super low cut like that, just had fallen down.  We're not going all early-200's-Britney-Spears or anything :)

The Rainoldi's, Lopez's, Postma's, Goins's, Cooper's, and us.

And if you can believe it was only six years ago that none of these beautiful little babies existed...

On Tuesday, Jason snapped this little gem of Jack and Bear on the back porch.  Just some sweet time with a boy and his dog.  :)

And on Wednesday, it was Connor's first day of school!  (It's summer, I know...but he FINALLY got into the preschool Jack and Lucy go to/have gone to, and I've set up tutoring during some of the hours he's at school.)  He was so excited to go!  Especially about his 'pack-back'!

It's funny, he doesn't carry around his lovey much anymore, but he snagged it this morning.  Maybe he was a smidge nervous :)

But you wouldn't have thought it from these smiles...

And yesterday, Jason and Lucy headed north to Tennessee to canoe the Elk River.  It was an outing arranged through Lucy's girl scouts, and they had a great time. 

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  1. Great pics! Awesome group shots from Memorial Day. And the pic of Jack and Bear totally makes me want a dog! :)