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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Catching up

Father's Day weekend at the lake:

These kids LOVED swimming in the water; Connor too!

But he mostly threw rocks...

And then, taking advantage of AMF's awesome kids bowl free summer pass, we had a family date night last week.

Lucy loved learning about how her hands hold the ball.

And she was full of personality as ever, this face, after she bowled the ball and hit down several pins :)

Jack jumping up and down!

We all had a really great time.  This was really fun for the whole family :)

And this past weekend, Jason and I went out for an anniversary date.  Sushi at The Scene, a stroll around Bridgestreet, and dessert at Yogurt Mountain (My fav place!)

We've been at the pool so much, but I need to bring my camera next time so I can snap some shots of the kids.  They are little fish (except Connor who still has a death grip on me when we're in the water), and Jack basically taught himself how to swim.  He's in the deep end all the time and he loves to swim to the bottom of the pool to pick up diving sticks.  Such a blast, that one!  :)  So, that's coming next time :)

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  1. Such fun pics! I love Jack's bowling stance. So jealous of Jack's drive to bike, swim, etc - wish my girls had HALF of it! :) I really need to take my camera to the pool soon too!!