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Saturday, March 17, 2012

What we've been up to:

We've been enjoying such a beautiful spring! Praise God for beautiful weather, beautiful blooming trees and plants everywhere, and most of all, praises for kids being able to run and play OUTSIDE! :)

Connor's only goal - EVERY time we are outside - is to push his walker around IN the street!
Little man is on a mission, and his frustration is so adorable to see. :)

Me: "No, Connor..."
Connor: "audible grunt and squinty stare" right back at me :)

Is she watching?

Yes, baby, always :)

The safety man in this one makes it even funnier to me... (We had to impress upon Jack and Lucy for a long time that the safety man in the street didn't make it safe to actually play ON the street :)

Our neighbors' adorable kids have the best scooters ever!

And today was Covefest at Lucy's new elementary school she'll be attending this Fall. What a great event put on by our community. Lucy enjoyed a school tour, where she was able to go inside classrooms (Gavin's!) and see the school. This was a big deal; there were moonbounces, food vendors, a band, fire trucks, the whole community came out for it. Very cool!

"Wow! This is a lot to take in..."

Connor came along too and went straight toward the computer!

There was face painting:

and the kids loved the playground.

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