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Sunday, February 26, 2012

All About Connor

Connor is one! And it goes without saying how fast the time goes by. Here are some pictures from his party yesterday:

Uncle Ryan was in town with his UGA Ice Dawgs team, playing in the SEC tournament. (Way to go, Ryan, making the 'all star' team!) It was so nice to have him at the party. (Although, I was told the large amount of children at the party was a big scary for him :p)

I mean, can you get any cuter?

Tony and Me

He loved his cake!

So, the theme of the party was, "It Goes by in a Flash." I played with the idea of capturing time, photos, family shots, etc. Instead of gifts, party goers brought him something to put in his time capsule; something he'll enjoy for his 18th party. I totally loved seeing the gifts (although those that were wrapped, I'm keeping wrapped :). Such creative ideas like a pack of baseball cards, a tree that is exactly one year old, a John Lennon DVD, several magazines, a cell phone that only makes telephone calls- no texts, internet, etc.

One part of the party was a photo station where families could have silly photos taken. Here's my mom and dad and brother with the kiddos:

I particularly enjoy the Beckers' photo because it shows just how damn frustrating it is trying to get a picture taken with three children!

And although it frightened little C man when we all sang happy birthday to him, he quickly recovered when he discovered what lay in front of him. :) He spent a good bit of time picking off the sprinkles before he picked up the pace, scooping gobs of icing with his pudgy fingers!

Happy Birthday, Connor!

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