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Monday, January 2, 2012

Jason and his Jeep!

So aside from marrying Jason, the next best decision I've ever made was to surprise him with a Jeep for Christmas. And though I had temporary doubts - and it turns out my family and friends had far bigger worries :) - it was totally worth the risk!

Jason has been enjoying the heck out of his new car...taking it out every day for some kind of ride, going on "adventures" with the kids, washing it several times, tending to it, cooing to it... just kidding.

And today, I think, was probably his favorite day with his new toy. He and a few buddies drove north to the border, and played around at some kind of trail. His friend Jim took his Jeep, and they met up with a guy who had a Jeep as well. Take a look at the fun - and jams - they got in :)

Just goin' through a little puddle...

Hi Ho, hi ho, it's off to play we go...

Jason's first "stuck"

And this jam allowed the engineer boys to put their minds to work and come up with a solution to get this jeep out. I think he said it took about an hour for this one. :)


I kind of wanna' go next time! :)