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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vroom, Vroom...

Connor's "new thing" is pretty darn cute, and - not that we needed any proof from our experience with having boys - but some things are truly just in boys' DNA. Like the love of cars. And specifically, how a little boy will lie down, cheek flat against the ground, make vroom, vroom noises, and push a tiny car around for hours!

Well, Connor just began doing that this week. And the vroom, vroom noises? Oh, this kid's ON IT! (Note to self: must get video of this :)

Tonight, as we were hanging out before bedtime, Connor was driving this car all over Jason. Insert your own vroom vroom sound effects :)

"Going up Daddy's leg..."

"Now, over his side..."

"Wait...is that Jack coming to steal my car?!"

"Resuming driving..."

And how perfect he was in his "race car" pajamas! Sometimes everything just falls into place. And after the hell that was my day yesterday, I am grateful for a great day today. Praise God! :)

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