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Friday, December 2, 2011

A new use for an old tree

Sunday night after Thanksgiving, Jason scooted around in the attic, got our artificial tree, hauled it downstairs, and spent a substantial amount of time fluffing all the branches and getting it "pretty." And then we plugged it in, and none of the prestrung lights on the tree lit up. Bahumbug!

So, rather than kick the tree to the curb, I decided to take advantage of all the plants and trees in our new yard being so little and make this an "outdoor" centerpiece tree. I bought the old fashioned, big bulbs and let the kids go to town. Our own little "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree.

Jack's running away because someone upset him (he was seriously having one of those days..."

and therefore, he's not in this picture. He was pouting... (How adorable are the kids?!? A's little stance is priceless!)

I finally managed to motivate Jack to join the group...only for him to run away again...

but finally...
Christmas is on the way!!!!!

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