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Monday, September 5, 2011

A wet, rainy Labor Day

Today we're getting the weather from some tropical storm - or maybe it's a hurricane, not sure. Anyhow, we woke up to rain, and that's all we'll be seeing for a few days. (Gives us a good chance to try out the new drainage system that's been set up in our yard at least :)

And because our kids play best outside, our outfits for today were swimsuits (or in Jack's case, just his underwear :). And, oh my! The fun they had! Makes me wish I were a kid again!

This is the way to spend a rainy day! Jason and I sipped hot coffee while watching these monkeys play around!

Yes, the umbrellas were a bad idea; the blue one lasted about 8 seconds before it was broken. Ah, they're a hazard anyway :)

That's Jack :)

This is taken in our front yard...can you tell why we needed a drainage system! Looks like we need to have one installed in the front too!

Some playful wrestling!

And the "wheels" came out too! :)

Lucy came up with the idea to bring out the slide, and Jack had the idea to jump from the top of it! :)

Happy Labor Day! Hope you're busy doing anything other than work! :)


  1. They looked like they were having so much fun! Cameron got his swim suit on right as we watched Jack getting wrapped up in a towel to go inside. Next time they will be out there - maybe me too!